• Made the switch from Huggies to Baby Now!

    Worth it jud gamiton! Di mag rashes si baby and very dry basig puno na wiwi sa diaper.

  • She loves it and very comfy 💜💙


  • Perfect for her sensitive skin!

    We are making a switch to BABY NOW PREMIUM DIAPERS — perfect for her sensitive skin!

  • I’m happy with my new premium diapers


  • Excellent ang quality, very affordable pajud!

    Choosing Avis diaper is so important to me as a mother to guarantee nga comfortable sya all day and all night, syempre. So glad we have Baby Now diaper nga aside sa excellent ang quality, very affordable pajud. Avi loves Baby Now, since day one. Highly recommended

  • Finally getting a good night’s sleep!

    My baby Yosef suffers from eczema, which is why we can be very picky about diapers. Recently got in touch with Baby Now, and I’m so glad to see him finally getting a good night’s sleep! Super soft and gentle on the skin so Yosef stays dry and comfy all day, every day. Happy baby = well-rested mommy 😂

  • Butt feels so FRESH!

    Finally able to try PREMIUM DIAPERS and they didn’t disappoint! 🥰 These diapers are:

    💙 SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT — felt like I’m not wearing anything on
    💙 VERY ABSORBENT — got lots of wiwi but it didn’t leak and I think I can hold more!
    💙 VERY EASY TO PUT ON and REMOVE — even on a baby so kulit as me!
    💙 Vey COMFY, SOFT and BREATHABLE — my butt feels so FRESH!

  • I would recommend for you baby's good night sleep! 😍🥰

    Tara had a pleasant experience with baby now diapers. She often get rashes for overnight use but with baby now, I did not notice any discomfort or any rash on her skin. Also, there is a significant change with Tara's sleeping pattern with having the diapers not soaking wet all night. I would recommend for moms to try baby now diapers for your baby's good night sleep!

  • Truly soft and absorbent

    Switched to Baby Now diapers and it turned out to the best decision ever! Truly soft and absorbent, even through 💩 explosions.

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